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Lafayette Yarborough
Cool Cool Baby

Livin’ Doll


Larry Brinkley
All Night Long

Move Over Rover

Right String, But Wrong Yo-Yo


Larry Dale
Down to the Bottom


Larry Darnell
Boogie Oogie


Larry Diamond
True Love Come My Way


Larry Donn
Honey Bunn


Larry Finnegan
Dear One


Larry Lee Phillipson
Bitter Feelings


Larry Merritt
She She Little Sheila


Larry Terry
Hep Cat


Larry Williams
Bony Moronie

Just Because

Short Fat Fanny

Slow Down

You Bug Me Baby


Laura Lee Perkins
Don’t Wait Up

Gonna Rock My Baby Tonight

Oh La Baby


Lazy Boy
Sounds Like She’s Slammin’ the Door


Lee Bonds
Home Coming


Lee Denson
High School Hop

The South’s Gonna Rise Again


Lee Mitchell
Rootie Tootie Baby


Lelan Rogers
Hold It


Leon Barnett
Merle’s Boogie Woogie


Leon Bass


Leon Payne aka Rock Rogers
My Baby Left Me


Leon Smith
That’s the Way


Les Paul & Mary Ford
Johnny is the Boy for Me

Vaya Con Dios


Lester Williams
McDonald’s Daughter


Lew Williams
Cat Talk

The Girl I Saw on Bandstand


Libby Dean
Ding Dong Rockabilly Wedding


Linda Gail Lewis
Lonely Heart


Link Wray
Daddio Dixie-Doodle




Little Billy Earl
Who’s Baby Are You


Little Man Henry
He’s a Wild Old Man


Little Mo
Sideburn Daddy


Little Richard
Get Rhythm

Good Golly Miss Molly

Miss Ann

Oh Why


Little Ronnie Sessions
Keep A-Knockin’


Lloyd Arnold
Hang Out


Lonnie Barron
Teenage Queen


Lonnie Donegan
Cumberland Gap

Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Rock Island Line


Lonnie Mack

Oh Boy



Lord Beverly Moss & The Mossmen
Please Please What’s the Matter

The Kid’s Are Alright


Lou Josie
Vacation’s Over


Lovett Sisters
Bacon and Eggs


Loy Clingman
It’s Nothin’ to Me

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