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Barbara Allen
Sweet Willie


Barbara Burnette
Half a Chance


Barbara Pittman
Everlasting Love

I Need a Man

I’m Getting Better All the Tme


Barry Darvell
A King for Tonight

Geronimo Stomp


Barry Martin
Got a Whole of Lovin’ to Do

Minnie The Moocher


Beale Street Hipsters
Jump Jive ‘n’ Wail


Bell Notes
I’ve Had It


Ben Hewitt
I Want a New Girl Now

My Search


Benny Barnes
There You Go


Benny Ingram
How Can I Keep You Loving Me

Jello Sal


Benny Joy
Miss Bobby Sox


Bernie Early
Rock Doll

Your Kisses Kill Me


Bernie Nee
Lend Me Your Comb


Betty Smith
Yeah Baby


Big Al Downing
Down on the Farm


Big Daddy
Big Berry


Bill Beach
You’re Gonna Like Me Baby


Bill Black’s Combo
Don’t Be Cruel

Smokie Part 2


Bill Browning & The Echo Valley Boys
Washing Machine Boogie


Bill Davenport
Rock ‘n’ Roll with Mom and Dad


Bill Doggett
Honky Tonk (Parts 1 & 2)


Bill Flagg
Guitar Rock


Bill Haley
Razzle Dazzle


Bill Haley & The Comets
A.B.C. Boogie

Farewell, So Long, Good Bye

Rock Around the Clock (Live)

Tonight’s the Night

Real Rock Drive

Rock the Joint


Bill Hayes
Bop Boy


Bill Justis


Bill Lehman
Take It Easy Greasy


Bill Parsons
All American Boy


Bill Parsons
Rubber Dolly


Billy “The Kid” Emerson
Red Hot


Billy Adams
Rock, Pretty Mama (Alt.)

You Gotta Have a Ducktail


Billy Carroll
Big Green Car


Billy Lee Riley
I Want You Baby

Pearly Lee

Red Hot (Alt.)



Trouble Bound


Billy Swain
She Hit the Ceilin’ When I Hit the Door


Billy Swan
Bop to Be


Black Raven
Ships Without Harbour


Bo Diddley
Crackin’ Up

Road Runner


Bob Center
Flea Brain (demo for Gene Vincent)


Bob Cleary & His Bopcats
Go Cat Go


Bob Denton


Bob Luman
Guitar Picker

Let’s Think About Livin’

Mystery Train

Try Me


Bob Mattice & The Phaetons
What’s All This


Bobby & Terry Caraway & The Rockats
Ballin Keen


Bobby & The Rhythm Rockers
Rhythm Rock


Bobby Allen
Mean Woman Blues


Bobby Bare
I’m Hanging Up My Rifle


Bobby Charles
See Ya Later Alligator


Bobby Comstock
I Want to Do It


Bobby Crown
One Way Ticket

Thirty Days


Bobby Darin
Splish Splash


Bobby DeSoto
The Cheater


Bobby Freeman
Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes

I Do the Shimmy Shimmy


Bobby Fuller Four
I Fought the Law


Bobby Hardin
Getting Better


Bobby Lawson
Baby Don’t Be That Way

If You Want My Love


Bobby Lee Trammell
I Sure Do Love You Baby

Shirley Lee


Bobby Lollar
Bad Bad Boy


Bobby Lord
So Doggone Lonesome


Bobby Mack
She’s My Little Baby


Bobby Oliver
All Around the World


Bobby Poe
Rock ‘n’ Roll Record Girl


Bobby Roberts
Big Sandy


Bobby Sisco
Go Go Go

Tall, Dark and Handsome Man


Bobby Wayne
Tip Toes


Good Work


Bonnie Blue Bell
Let’s Go


Boyd Bennett


Boyd Bennett & The Rockets
Click Clack


Brenda Lee
Bigelow 6-200

Let’s Jump the Broomstick


Buck Owens
Above and Beyond


Buddy & The Hearts
Let It Rock


Buddy Covelle


Buddy Holly
Blue Days, Black Nights

Bo Diddley

Fools Paradise

Mailman Bring Me No More Blues

Midnight Shift

Not Fade Away


Buddy Knox
I’m Lookin’ for Someone to Love

Party Doll

Rock House

Rock Your Little Baby to Sleep

Too Much Fun


Buddy Shaw
Don’t Sweep That Dirt on Me


Bunny Paul
Sweet Talk


Burt Kline
Shove Off Short Stuff

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