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Jack & The Rippers
Cathy’s Clown


Jack Bailey & The Naturals
Oh What Love Is


Jack Earls
Flip Flop and Fly

Let’s Bop

Slow Down


Jack Eden & The Sundowners
I’ll Cry No More


Jack Scott

The Way I Walk


Jackie DeShannon
It’s Love Baby


Jackie Gotroe
Lobo Jones


Jackie Lee Cochran
I Wanna See You

Rock On

Ruby Pearl


Jan & Arnie
Jennie Lee


Janis Martin
Bang Bang

Barefoot Baby

Drugstore Rock ‘n’ Roll

My Boy Elvis

Ooby Dooby


Jason D. Williams


Jay B. Lloyd
I’m So Lonely


Jeani Mack
Dirty Dishes

Super Duper


Jefferson “Ramblin’ Man” County
City Billy


Jerry Arnold
High Classed Baby

Slewfoot Sue


Jerry Dean
Walkin’ In My Sleep


Jerry Jaye
Brown Eyed Handsome Man


Jerry Lee Lewis
Big Blon’ Baby

Milkshake Mademoiselle

Wild Side of Life


Jerry Reed
Here I Am

When I Found You

You Make It, They Take It

Square Woman


Jim Alley & The Alley Cats
The Great Pretender


Jim Billington
Love Bug Crawl


Jim McDonald
Let’s Have a Ball


Jim Pipkins & The Tall Timber Boys
Chew Tobacco Rag


Jim Plummer
Let’s Flat Get It


Jimmie Lloyd
I Got a Rockin My Pocket


Jimmie Rodgers


Jimmy Ballard
The Creek’s Gone Muddy


Jimmy Beasley
Don’t Feel Sorry for Me


Jimmy Bowen
I’m Sticking with You


Jimmy Dee and The Offbeats


Jimmy Evans
Pink Cadillac

The Joint’s Really Jumpin’

What Am I Gonna Do


Jimmy Johnson
Cat Daddy

How About Me Pretty Baby

Woman Love


Jimmy Lee Prow
Shopping List

You Tell Her I Sutter


Jimmy Lloyd
You’re Gone Baby

You’re Gone Baby


Jimmy McCrackin
The Walk


Jimmy Pritchett
That’s the Way I Feel


Jimmy Roy
Be Boppin’ Baby


Jimmy Stewart
Nuthin’ But Nothin’


Jimmy Wages
Mad Man

Miss Pearl


Jimmy Wolford
My Name is Jimmy


Joan Armstrong
Big Midnight Special


Dance the Bop

Eat Your Heart Out Annie

Let’s All Rock Together

Natural Ditty

Rattle My Bones AND Lotsa Love

Rattle Shakin’ Daddy

Well Now Dig This


Jody Reynolds
Endless Sleep

Jeannie Mae


Joe Allen & The Alley Cats
Baby, Baby, Baby


Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones
Black Slacks


Joe Clay

Goodbye Goodbye

Sixteen Chicks

You Look That Good to Me


Joe D. Johnson
Rattlesnake Daddy


Joe Penny
Bip a Little Bop a Lot


Joe Therrien Jr.
Hey Babe! Let’s Go Downtown


Joey Castle
Rock ‘n’ Roll Daddy-O

That Ain’t Nothing But Right


Joey Nepote
Doctor Doctor Doctor


Joey Warren


John Kerby
Get Hot or Go Home


Johnny & Dorsey Burnette
Daddy-O (demo)


Johnny & The Hurricanes
Red River Rock


Johnny & The Jailbirds
Rockin’ Boy Blue


Johnny & The Jailbirds
Slick Chick


Johnny Ace
Pledging My Love


Johnny Bond
Hot Rod Lincoln


Johnny Bucket
Let Me Play with Your Poodle


Johnny Burnette
All By Myself

Honey Hush

Just Keep on Going

Train Keep A-Rollin’


Johnny Carroll
Be Bop A Lula is Back on the Scene


Johnny Cash
Big River (Alt.)

Frankie & Johnny (live)


Johnny Dollar
Green Eyed Cat

Slim Jim Baby


Johnny Edwards & The White Caps
Rock ‘n’ Roll Saddles


Johnny Garner
Didi Didi


Johnny Horton
All for the Love of a Girl

Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor

I’m Coming Home


Johnny Jordan
Sweet Sweet Sweet


Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
Please Don’t Touch

Shakin’ All Over


Johnny McCoy and The Cyclones
Scrub Bucket


Johnny Otis
Willie and the Hand Jive


Johnny Powers
Long Blonde Hair

Me and My Rhythm Guitar


Johnny Preston
Cradle of Love

Feel So Fine

Running Bear

Baby Come Back


Josie Kreuzer
Ball That Jack


Joyce Green
Black Cadillac


Jumpin’ Gene Simmons
Haunted House

Peroxide Blonde and a Hopped Up Model Ford


Junior Thompson
Mama’s Little Baby

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