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Dale Hawkins
La Do Dada

Little Lisa Jane

Someday One Day


Dale Wright
She’s Neat

That’s Show Biz


Danny Dill
I’m Hungry for Your Lovin’


Danny Reeves
I’m a Hobo


Danny Wolfe
Let’s Flat Get It

Pucker Paint


Darrell Rhodes
Four O’Clock Baby


Dave Dudley
Six Days on the Road


Dave Edmunds
I Hear You Knockin’

Louisiana Man

Promised Land


Dave Rich
Rosie Let’s Get Cozy

Tuggin’ on My Heart Strings


David Gates
You’ll Be My Baby


Dean Beard
Don’t Lie to Me

Rock Around the Town


Debbie Lynn
Fujiyama Mama


Dee Clark
Hey Little Girl


Del Rays
Night Prowl


Delbert Barker
Blue Suede Shoes


Delmore Brothers
Blues Stay Away from Me


Derrell Felts


Di Maggio Bros.
Little Cabin on the Hill


Dick Glasser
Crazy Love


Dick Hiorns
I’m Movin’ On


Dickey Do & The Dont’s
Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu


Dickey Lee


Dickie Harrell
Rock a Little Faster


Doc Starkes
Love Me Like Crazy


Don & Dewey
I’m Leaving It Up to You



Don Burton
Tantalizin’ Baby


Don Gibson
Oh Lonesome Me


Don Robertson
The Happy Whistler


Don Rondo
White Silver Sands


Don Willis
Boppin’ High School Baby


Don Woody
Barkin’ Up the Wrong Tree

Bird Dog

Make Like a Rock and Roll

Morse Code


Donnie Brooks
Hollywood Party


Duane Eddy
Moving N Groovin’

Rebel Rouser


Duane Gray
Come Home


Dwain Bell
Rock ‘n’ Roll on a Saturday Night


Dwight Pullen
Sunglasses After Dark

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