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Ray Burden
A Hot Rodders Dream


Ray Condo
Done Gone

I Can’t Find the Door Knob

Little Miss Linda

Something I Said


Ray Harris
Come On Little Baby

Where’d You Stay Last Night


Ray Melton
Boppin’ Guitar


Ray Sharpe
Linda Lou

Monkey’s Uncle


Ray Smith
Let the Four Winds Blow

Right Behind You Baby

Rockin’ Bandit

Rockin’ Little Angel

Sail Away

You Made a Hit


Ray Stanley with Eddie Cochran on Guitar
Market Place

My Lovin’ Baby



Ray Vict
We Gonna Bop Stop Rock


Red Hot and Blue
What Did You Say


Red Moore
Crawdad Song


Renaud Veluzat
Race Track Boogie


Ric Cartey
Born to Love One Woman


Ricky Nelson
Dream Lover

I Got a Feeling

If You Can’t Rock Me

Just a Little Too Much (from TV)

My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It

That’s All Right

This Train


Ritchie Valens
Come On Let’s Go

Fast Freight


Hurry Up

I Got a Gal Named Sue (Alt.)


Robert Gordon
Rock-a-Billy Boogie (live)


Robin Hood
’56 Ford


Robin Luke
Susie Darlin’

You Can’t Stop Me from Dreamin’


Roc LaRue
Baby Take Me Back


Rocket Morgan
Gonna Walk You Home

Tag Along


Rockin’ Ronald
Cuttin’ Out


Rocking Martin
All Because of You


Rocky Bill Ford
Have You Seen Mabel


Rocky Burnette
Believe What You Say


Rocky Morgan
Wolf Whistle Baby


Roddy Jackson
Going Down That Road



Rodney Scott
Granny Went Rockin’

You’re So Square (Baby I Don’t Care)


Roland Janes


Roman Self
Big Fool

Flame of Love

Over the Rainbow

Pretty Bad Blues


Ronnie Dawson
Crazy Shoes

Just Rockin’ and Rollin’

Red Hot Mama

Rockin’ Bones

Shim Sham Shimmy

Sucker for a Cheap Guitar


Ronnie Haig
Can’t You Hear Me Callin’ Baby

Later Baby


Ronnie Hawkins
Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Mary Lou


Ronnie Self
Ain’t I’m a Dog

Bop A Lena

You’re So Right for Me


Rockabilly Lifewild


Rose Maddox
Move it on Over


Rose Maddox & The Maddox Bros.
Eight Thirty Blues


Roy Brown
Good Rockin’ Tonight

Hip Shakin’ Baby


Roy Hamilton
Don’t Let Go


Roy Hogsed
Cocaine Blues


Roy Orbison
Dream Baby

Mean Little Mama

You’re Gonna Cry


Royce Porter
Good Time

Yes I Do


Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell

Let’s Get Wild

You’re Gone


Rudy Thacker
Black Train


Rusty York

The Girl Can’t Help It

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