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Sam Cooke
You Send Me


Sammy Julian
Lead Guitar Man


Sammy Lara
Silly Sally

Little Girl


Sammy Masters
Rockin’ Red Wing


Sandy Nelson
Let There Be Drums

Teen Beat


Sanford Clark
Fool, The

Usta Be My Baby


Santo & Johnny


Sara Lee
Jim Dandy


Scott Miller
I Got School


Scotty, DJ, BoDeans
Locked Up in the State of Illinois


Shirley & Lee
Let the Good Times Roll


Sid King
Sag Drag & Fall


Sil Austin
Slow Walk


Skeeter Bonn
Rock A Bye Baby


Skeeter Davis
I Can’t Stay Mad at You


Skeets McDonald
Heart Breaking Mama

You Oughta See Grandma Rock


Sleepy LaBeef
All the Time

I Ain’t Gonna Take It

I’m Through

Tore Up


Slim Rhodes
Do What I Do


Sonny Bottom Boys
Keep on the Sunny Side


Sonny Burgess
Ain’t Got a Thing

Hoochy Koochy


We Wanna Boogie


Sonny Fisher
Drivin’ My Life Away

Pink and Black

Rockin’ Daddy


Sonny Leonard
No Doze Blues


Sonny West
Dire Need

Rock-O-la Ruby

Sweet Rockin’ Baby


Cotton Fields


Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant
Night Rider, The


Stan Johnson
Baby Baby Doll


Stan Perkins
Boppin’ the Blues

Dance to the Bop

Turn Around


Red Light Green Light

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