Viva Las Vegas 2017

Viva Las Vegas 2017

Slammed, Chopped, Straight Axle, Shiny, Rusty, and Cool Cars

Photo Article by  of BangShift News ~ Photos by Wes Allison

We told you that we had enough Viva Las Vegas 2017 photos to carry us for a whole week and we were not kidding you! This time we’re back with another load of diverse and cool cars as we have been for the last few days and will be for the next few days.

This collection has us wondering if there’s anything out there like hot rodding in terms of how we hold onto or idealize certain time periods. Of course there’s music which kind of falls into the same bucket but in sports and other normal parts of life, we don’t really see what we see in hot rodding. The pursuit of capturing something that we never experienced in the first place is an interesting part of the hot rodding world and many of the cars in this gallery are owned by people who were not even close to being born when their style was perfected. It is kind of awesome, really.

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