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Yakety Sax
Artist: Ace Cannon


Yeah Baby
Artist: Betty Smith


Yes I Do
Artist: Royce Porter


You Bug Me Baby
Artist: Larry Williams


You Call Everybody Daring
Artist: Kenny Parchman


You Can Persuade Me
Artist: Imelda May


You Can’t Sit Still
Artist: The Dovells


You Can’t Stop Me from Dreamin’
Artist: Robin Luke


You Gotta Have a Ducktail
Artist: Billy Adams


You Gotta Move
Artist: Chester Smith


You Look That Good to Me
Artist: Joe Clay


You Made a Hit
Artist: Ray Smith


You Make It, They Take It
Artist: Jerry Reed


You Oughta See Grandma Rock
Artist: Skeets McDonald


You Send Me
Artist: Sam Cooke


You Tell Her I Sutter
Artist: Jimmy Lee Prow


You’ll Be My Baby
Artist: David Gates


Young and Wild
Artist: Al Hendrix


Young Long John
Artist: Phil Barclay


Your Kisses Kill Me
Artist: Bernie Early


Your Lovin’ Man
Artist: Vernon Taylor


Your True Love (alt)
Artist: Carl Perkins


You’re Gone
Artist: Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell


You’re Gone Baby
Artist: Jimmy Lloyd


You’re Gone Baby
Artist: Jimmy Lloyd


You’re Gone I’m Left
Artist: Tyrone Schmidling


You’re Gonna Cry
Artist: Roy Orbison


You’re Gonna Like Me Baby
Artist: Bill Beach


You’re So Dumb
Artist: Mack Banks


You’re So Right for Me
Artist: Ronnie Self


You’re So Square (Baby I Don’t Care)
Artist: Rodney Scott


You’re the One That Done It
Artist: Thomas Wayne


You’ve Got Everything
Artist: Peanuts Wilson

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