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Artist: Otis Blackwell


Party Doll
Artist: Buddy Knox


Party Tonight
Artist: Hayden Thompson


Artist: Dickey Lee


Pearly Lee
Artist: Billy Lee Riley


Artist: The Ventures


Peroxide Blonde and a Hopped Up Model Ford
Artist: Jumpin’ Gene Simmons


Artist: Jason D. Williams


Pink and Black
Artist: Sonny Fisher


Pink and Black Days
Artist: Narvel Felts


Pink Cadillac
Artist: Jimmy Evans


Pink Peg Slacks
Artist: Eddie Cochran


Artist: Bob Denton


Artist: Derrell Felts


Please Don’t Touch
Artist: Johnny Kidd & The Pirates


Please Mama Please
Artist: Go Cat Go


Please Please What’s the Matter
Artist: Lord Beverly Moss & The Mossmen


Pledging My Love
Artist: Johnny Ace


Artist: Carl Mann


Prettiest Girl in Town
Artist: Hicksville Bombers


Pretty Bad Blues
Artist: Roman Self


Pretty Little Love Song
Artist: Hayden Thompson


Pretty Little Woman
Artist: Frank Triolo


Promised Land
Artist: Dave Edmunds


Pucker Paint
Artist: Danny Wolfe


Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor
Artist: The Big Bopper


Artist: Ray Stanley with Eddie Cochran on Guitar


Put Me Down
Artist: The Rest Less


Put Your Cat Clothes On
Artist: Carl Perkins

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