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I Ain’t Gonna Take It
Artist: Sleepy LaBeef


I Can’t Find the Door Knob
Artist: Ray Condo


I Can’t Stay Mad at You
Artist: Skeeter Davis


I Can’t Stop Now
Artist: Texabilly Rockets


I Do the Shimmy Shimmy
Artist: Bobby Freeman


I Don’t Know When
Artist: Hall Harris


I Feel So Bad
Artist: Chuck Willis


I Fought the Law
Artist: Bobby Fuller Four


I Got a Baby
Artist: Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps


I Got a Feeling
Artist: Ricky Nelson


I Got a Gal Named Sue (Alt.)
Artist: Ritchie Valens


I Got a Rockin My Pocket
Artist: Jimmie Lloyd


I Got School
Artist: Scott Miller


I Hear You Knockin’
Artist: Dave Edmunds


I Knew
Artist: Hank Gault


I Need a Man
Artist: Barbara Pittman


I Need You Baby
Artist: George Weston


I Sure Do Love You Baby
Artist: Bobby Lee Trammell


I Vibrate
Artist: Mack Self


I Wanna See You
Artist: Jackie Lee Cochran


I Want a New Girl Now
Artist: Ben Hewitt


I Want My Mama
Artist: Chuck Bene’


I Want to Do It
Artist: Bobby Comstock


I Want You Baby
Artist: Billy Lee Riley


If I Had Me a Woman
Artist: Mac Curtis


If You Can’t Rock Me
Artist: Ricky Nelson


If You Don’t Know
Artist: George Hamilton IV


If You Want My Love
Artist: Bobby Lawson


Iggy Joe
Artist: Willie Ward


I’ll Cry No More
Artist: Jack Eden & The Sundowners


I’m a Hobo
Artist: Danny Reeves


I’m A Mad Man
Artist: Willie Ward


I’m a Man
Artist: Mort Shuman


I’m Coming Home
Artist: Johnny Horton


I’m Getting Better All the Tme
Artist: Barbara Pittman


I’m Gonna Leave
Artist: Freddy Fender


I’m Gonna Tell on You
Artist: George Fleming


I’m Hanging Up My Rifle
Artist: Bobby Bare


I’m Hungry for Your Lovin’
Artist: Danny Dill


I’m Leaving It Up to You
Artist: Don & Dewey


I’m Lookin’ for Someone to Love
Artist: Buddy Knox


I’m Movin’ On
Artist: Dick Hiorns


I’m Ready
Artist: Fats Domino


I’m Ready to Go Steady
Artist: Wes Voight


I’m So Lomesome
Artist: Ernie Chaffin


I’m So Lonely
Artist: Jay B. Lloyd


I’m Sticking with You
Artist: Jimmy Bowen


I’m Through
Artist: Sleepy LaBeef


Indeed I Do
Artist: Vince Maloy


Artist: Cliff Gallup & Jack Neal


Is She Sore
Artist: Orangie Ray Hubbard


Artist: Sonny Burgess


It’s Love Baby
Artist: Jackie DeShannon


It’s No Wonder
Artist: Huelyn Duvall


It’s Nothin’ to Me
Artist: Loy Clingman


I’ve Got Love If You Want It
Artist: Warren Smith


I’ve Had It
Artist: Bell Notes

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