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Baby Baby
Artist: Mike Waggoner


Baby Baby Doll
Artist: Stan Johnson


Baby Blue
Artist: Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps


Baby Come Back
Artist: Johnny Rivers


Baby Don’t Be That Way
Artist: Bobby Lawson


Baby Don’t Go
Artist: Marvin Rainwater


Baby Please Don’t
Artist: Troyce Key


Baby Take Me Back
Artist: Roc LaRue


Baby, Baby, Baby
Artist: Joe Allen & The Alley Cats


Bacon and Eggs
Artist: Lovett Sisters


Bad Bad Boy
Artist: Bobby Lollar


Ball That Jack
Artist: Josie Kreuzer


Ballin Keen
Artist: Bobby & Terry Caraway & The Rockats


Bamboo Strutt
Artist: The Nationals


Bang Bang
Artist: Janis Martin


Barbara Ann
Artist: The Regents


Barefoot Baby
Artist: Janis Martin


Barkin’ Up the Wrong Tree
Artist: Don Woody


Artist: Mike Waggoner


Be Baba Leba
Artist: Thurston Harris


Be Bop A Lula
Artist: Gene Vincent


Be Bop A Lula is Back on the Scene
Artist: Johnny Carroll


Be Bop Boogie Boy
Artist: Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps


Be Boppin’ Baby
Artist: Jimmy Roy


Believe What You Say
Artist: Rocky Burnette


Bertha Lou
Artist: Clint Miller


Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes
Artist: Bobby Freeman


B-I-Bickey-Bi Bo-Bo-Go
Artist: Gene Vincent


Big Berry
Artist: Big Daddy


Big Blon’ Baby
Artist: Jerry Lee Lewis


Big Fool
Artist: Roman Self


Big Green Car
Artist: Billy Carroll


Big Guitar
Artist: Owen Bradley Quintet


Big Midnight Special
Artist: Joan Armstrong


Big River (Alt.)
Artist: Johnny Cash


Big Sandy
Artist: Bobby Roberts


Bigelow 6-200
Artist: Brenda Lee


Bigger Than Texas
Artist: Tommy Sands


Bip a Little Bop a Lot
Artist: Joe Penny


Bip Bop Boom
Artist: Mickey Hawks


Bird Dog
Artist: Don Woody


Bitter Feelings
Artist: Larry Lee Phillipson


Black Cadillac
Artist: Joyce Green


Black Jack David
Artist: Warren Smith


Black Slacks
Artist: Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones


Black Train
Artist: Rudy Thacker


Bloodshot Eyes
Artist: Hardrock Gunter


Blue Days, Black Nights
Artist: Buddy Holly


Blue Suede Shoes
Artist: Delbert Barker


Blueberry Hill
Artist: Fats Domino


Bluebirds Over the Mountain
Artist: Ersel Hickey


Blues at My Front Door
Artist: Cecil Bowman


Blues Stay Away from Me
Artist: Delmore Brothers


Bo Diddley
Artist: Buddy Holly


Bony Moronie
Artist: Larry Williams


Boogie Oogie
Artist: Larry Darnell


Boogie Woogie Country Girl
Artist: N. A. Stephenson & The Four Kings


Bop A Lena
Artist: Ronnie Self


Bop A-Dee Bop A-Doo
Artist: Hal Willis


Bop Boy
Artist: Bill Hayes


Bop to Be
Artist: Billy Swan


Boppin’ Bonnie
Artist: Eddie Bond


Boppin’ Guitar
Artist: Ray Melton


Boppin’ High School Baby
Artist: Don Willis


Boppin’ the Blues
Artist: Stan Perkins


Born to Love One Woman
Artist: Ric Cartey


Break Up
Artist: Charlie Rich


Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Artist: Jerry Jaye


Burn That Candle
Artist: Charline Arthur


Bye Bye Johnnie
Artist: Mike Waggoner

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