Rockabilly Fashion for Women

Whether you follow high fashion or some alternative, the majority of Rockabilly Girls actually do stick to some sort of fashion rules. They may mix and match from a few varieties, changing which set of rules to follow any given day or situation, but it is rare to meet anyone who literally follows no rules at all.

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Rockabilly Makeup

Rockabilly MakeupThe look is that of a porcelain doll; the eye makeup needs to be strong and the lips, a dominant red shade. The look should be that of a stern ‘I want it, and I know how to get it’.

Start by using a moisturizer on your face and neck which helps keep the look long-lasting. To achieve a flawless look, you need a reputed foundation, which would spread across the face, the lids and the neck, evenly. Once the foundation has been well applied, use a translucent powder across the facial surface. Keep in mind that to achieve the porcelain look, you’ll need to use tones that are one or two shades lighter than that of the face.

For the eyes, you’ll need thickness for the upper lashes which can be achieved using branded eyeliners or a pencil. Start from the inner corners, all the way to the outside corner of the eyes. Be on the lash line when you use the pencil and apply a little loose powder to secure the look; no smudging allowed. The lower lid could be left untouched, which brings the vintage glam look.

Use a volumizing mascara to bring out the batting of the eyelids. For this, you’ll need a double or a triple coat of mascara for the lashes – only on the lash ends and not the full lash or they may clump.

For the lips, they should be well defined and bold – choose a deep dark blood red for the lips. The inner portion needs to be soft.

Rockabilly Hairstyles

Rockabilly FashionYou want a strong and definite color. Rockabilly girls aren’t shy ~ Black, white blonde, and bright red are all very classic rockabilly /pin-up hair colors. And you can maintain them at home as they are all block color tones. No highlighting required!

Once you have your hair color, you need to style it. You could opt for the classic Bettie Bangs — a short u-shaped fringe. This can be cut, or faked (roll hair into a pretend bang). There are the options of victory rolls, bee-hives, bandannas, or curled and brushed out to a vintage wave. The pomp is also an easy every day look – if you don’t go for the fringe.

You can use a variety of hair accessories – bandannas, hair flowers or bows.

Rockabilly Clothing

Items to consider – Pencil skirts, Swing Skirts, Cropped Trousers, Short Sleeved Shirts, Sarong Dresses and Halter Necked Tops and Dresses.

Colors to choose from – Red, Black, White and Navy.

Patterns to get – Polka Dots, Stripes, Gingham (checked), Leopard Print and Tartan.

Motifs to embrace – Cherries, Swallows, Skulls, Anchors, Horse Shoes, Dice, Bows and Pin-Up Girls.

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