Rabble Rouser Tattoo

Rabble Rouser Tattoo

Rabble rouser TattooLocated in Los Angeles, Rabble Rouser Tattoo is a collective of custom tattoo artists with over 60 years of combined professional experience. Their artists work by appointment only so that they can give their full focus to each individual client and tell the story of their personal journeys through the unique artwork on their skin. They are a family owned and operated neighborhood shop with only top notch licensed tattoo professionals. Their hand picked team of resident artists and guest artists are passionate and dedicated to the fine art of tattoo. They offer a clean, comfortable environment to provide clients, artists, and guests with a truly memorable tattooing experience.


One who stirs up the emotions of the public or masses. An instigator or trouble maker. See also: Rebellious.

Totally Custom Tattooing

Rabble Rouser Tattoo believes that every tattoo is personal, that’s why they create every tattoo custom for every client and they never copy another artist’s or client’s tattoo. They want you to have the best tattoo possible FOR YOU, you’ll be wearing it for life after all!

Rabble Rouser Tattoo

Skilled. Experienced. Professionals.

Rabble Rouser TattooEvery artist at Rabble Rouser Tattoo is professionally licensed in Los Angeles County and certified in current Blood Borne Pathogen Training. And each artist has a minimum of 7 years of professional tattooing experience. So you can rest as ease, they’ve done thousands of tattoos, and you are in great hands!

Clean and Comfortable

They might not be what you expect when you walk into a tattoo shop, but they think you deserve a tattoo experience that is welcoming, comfortable, and most importantly clean and sanitary. They designed their shop for maximum cleanliness, and they use single use disposable needles, tubes, and barriers as well as hospital grade surface disinfectants before and after every tattoo. Every client. Every tattoo. Every time.

A Mom and Pop Shop

Alayna and Paul met while tattooing together in Venice, CA. They fell in love, got married, started a family, and finally opened up their own tattoo shop in 2015. “We designed and built this place to be an extension of our family. We put our all into it and we’re crazy enough to have done it with a newborn!”. Although their little one doesn’t spend much time at the shop, they hope he will one day want to learn the family business and become their apprentice.


Rabble Rouser Tattoo has an extensive portfolio of work, browseable by artist and by style. View some work examples below, and see the full portfolio on their Website: https://www.rabblerousertattoo.com

  • Black and Grey Tattoos
  • Color Tattoos
  • American Traditional Tattoos
  • Ne0-Traditional, Illustrative and New School Tattoos
  • Realistic and Portrait Tattoos
  • Japanese and Asian Tattoos
  • Large Tattoos
  • Small Tattoos
  • Lettering and Simple Tattoos
  • Flower and Plant Tattoos
  • Animal and Insect Tattoos
  • Monster, Creature and Horror Tattoos
  • Pinup Girl and Mermaid Tattoos
  • Watercolor, Abstract, Geometric and Tribal Tattoos
  • Food and Cute Tattoos
  • Movies, Tv, Games, Comics and Music Tattoos
  • And Finally Cover Ups and Reworks

The Details

Rabble Rouser Tattoo

10957 Venice Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90034


HOURS: Tuesday-Sunday 12:30pm-10pm 

Website: https://www.rabblerousertattoo.com

Instagram: rabblerousertattoos

Facebook:  rabblerousertattoos

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